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4 fresh ways to use a Serving Tray


Serving trays often come in fun patterns, and in every shape and size. So, don’t let that serving tray sit in the cabinet till an occasion arrives.

Here’s how you can re-purpose your serving tray:

1. Impromptu Bar

For spontaneous parties, arrange a mini bar with some basic bar accessories. To create an aesthetic, place all your bar accessories in a neat fashion and set the bar snacks aka chakna in a serving tray.

With a sleek modern serving tray, you’ll achieve a chic look.

To add more variety to your snacks, you can dish out nachos and chips in a cone basket. Finally, place your mini bar on a side table. It will charm everybody enough to come and have a drink.

2. Chic Way to serve Sauces & Dips

Dish out your new sauce recipe in a wooden serving tray. Wood feels authentic. It adds a toasty-warm emotional connection and aesthetic that will keep your guests coming back for more.

3. Organize Mail

If you read most of your mail and newspaper inside the kitchen while cooking up your meals, then go ahead and unabashedly use the serving tray to keep these everyday items in place!

4. Kitchen Organizer

It’s the equivalent of your wardrobe essentials tray: the place where you keep your sunglasses, watch and wallet. To whip up any meal, you need olive oil, vinegar, salt, and pepper grinder. Keep this 4 components in the serving tray near your stove. They’ll be easily accessible whenever you’re in a hurry!

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