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How To Stylishly Serve Chips & Popcorn


Popcorn & chips are like the bread and butter of social occasions. At weddings, popcorn can be topped with classy toppings like salted caramel, while chips would be tossed with dried herbs like thyme or rosemary. At birthday parties, popcorn and chips would get a savory twist. Be it any event, these two foods are the staples of the party.

First, let’s talk about the flavors with which you can play!

Those who love sweeter versions of popcorn like additions of candy, cinnamon, dried fruit, pecans, marshmallows, and chocolate sauce.

For spicier popcorn, seasonings include garlic + salt combo, red chili flakes, peri peri seasoning, chili lime, and parmesan cheese.

While sweet toppings don’t work for chips or nachos, you can use the spicy seasonings listed above and serve chips with a sauce or dip.

Throwing a party? Guests enjoy eating popcorn in different ways. Giving them options will please them a lot. Serve every flavor of popcorn in different popcorn buckets for organized presentation.

In fact, at the end of the party, you can ask them for suggestions on flavors too.

A pro tip: At a party, you should always keep a salt & pepper shaker on the popcorn/snack bar. This lets guests add the salt to their preferences.

Once you’ve decided on all your flavors and combinations of chips & nachos, spruce up your homemade chips, nachos or popcorn by dishing them out in neat stainless steel baskets.

How do you serve chips & popcorn at parties? Tell us in the comments below!

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