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Ideas to Upgrade your Ice Bucket for a Party


With a quick search on Pinterest, on the word “ice buckets”, you’ll see the entire screen of your computer filled with highly stylised ice buckets with a great background. You’ve probably looked at these images and thought to yourself ‘I can’t do this amazing decoration’. And to solve this conundrum, we’ve gathered ice bucket ideas that don’t need mad skills!

Wheeled ice bucket:

Place a regular ice bucket on a wheelbarrow or a trolley. This way, the bucket can be moved around if your guests are spread out across the house.

Floral ice bucket:

Place roses under the ice. Through the clear ice, red or pink roses look gorgeous. This decoration idea is apt for floral themed parties and even destination weddings.

Fruit-inspired ice bucket:

You can add anything from berries to citrus fruits, herbs like rosemary to the ice water. A transparent ice bucket works well in this case.

Simple DIY decorated ice bucket:

Use a sturdy wired ribbon and tie it around a sturdy stainless steel ice bucket for a quick last minute decorating fix.

Glow in the dark ice bucket:

Tonic water (which contains the ingredient quinine) glows beautifully underneath a black light! Mix tonic water with regular filtered water and add flavored additives.

An additional tip we’d like to throw in: for clear ice cubes, always use filtered water. You can get super clear cubes by boiling water, letting it cool completely.

We hope these ideas better your party and make you an adorable hostess/host!

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