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How to become an At-home Mixologist


Being an at-home Mixologist is easy. But, to become the best at it, you need to have the basic idea of different types of alcohol and the juices that they get best complemented with.
But, before you dive right into being the concoction master, we’ll help you with the basics you need to keep in your mind. The basic behavior of a Bartender or a casual Mixologist.

So, let’s get started!

1. A Jolly nature: If you are a person who mixes in with people like sugar in water, then meeting and sharing your drink ideas with people would be easy. For starters, it’s best for you to go to parties or just visit pubs and try out some cocktail recipes. You can also talk to bartenders and learn some amazing tricks that they perform. So first things first, you need to learn how to converse with people. A casual conversation where you can learn new bartending skills.

2. Basic cocktail recipes: You need to do some homework before you try out new concoctions of your own. Try to make some already known easy recipes like pina colada, bloody mary, and virgin mojito. It’s easy to make them with very fewer ingredients and the recipe is easily available online. You can experiment and alter the alcohol in these drinks to see how you can uplift the existing recipe.

3. Tools: To look like you know what you are doing, you need to have all the bar products and need to know how to use them. You also need to understand the bar-lingo. If you listen closely to the bartenders you can learn the lingo and flaunt it to your friends. But, it will not make an impression unless you have the tools that make it look interesting.

If you feel that you can’t afford all of them at once, we have an amazing deal for you. Our bar supplies combo is amazing. It has everything to make you look like a professional bartender.

This combo consists of a strainer, a jigger, 2 spoons, an opener, a pair of tongs, a scoop. It’s a complete package! And guess what?! It’s all made of stainless steel. It’s strong and durable. Perfect for a person who’s under training. You can add a shaker to this set too.

Looks like you are set to become an at-home mixologist.

Until next time,

Keep partying!

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