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These Funky Accessories will Make you Cook Everyday


Cooking is a creative job. Every woman in this world is appreciated for her efforts in the kitchen. It’s not easy to maintain the taste and to keep people in the house interested in eating what you cook. Considering the fast food trend, with amazingly fast service, it’s more appealing than what we cook at home. Also, because we live in the age of working and independent women, cooking might just fly out of the window.

Fast food is the new norm. Looking at the stained cutlery and the messy way of presenting for the sake of eating also dashes someone’s hope of an amazing meal after a tiring day.

But, we Urban Snackers are here with a collection of 3 accessories that will get the fun of cooking back in our houses. Let’s welcome back the family dinner with our list.

1. The Chapati basket: This Chapati basket is different from the usual. But, it serves the same purpose. How? Well, to start with, it is made up of stainless steel. It looks shiny and attractive on the table. The rectangular holes are to deflate your perfect phulkas and keep them dry when wrapped in a cloth with perfect ventilation. Isn’t this a perfect thing to display you rotis and kulchas with pride on the table?

2. The deep fry basket: Weekends are fun and everyone is in a party mood. But, the party mood gets ruined with soggy snacks. The plate is good for snacks that you can eat and get rid. Some snacks like fries and other stuffed fried products need a space to breathe. The more they touch the surface of the plate. The sooner they get soggy. And what is a snack without a little crunch? This basket is perfect for fried items. It gives both a straight from the kitchen look and also aids the crunch of the munch.

3. The oval eared serving tray: When you present your dish on a plate, it sends a sensation to the person of the quantity they want to eat off it. Usually, starters in restaurants are placed in large serving trays to show a small quantity tricking you into ordering the main course even when you might be almost full with the starters. Similarly, you too can use this trick to serve small pieces of snacks or sweets, so that it looks presentable and also makes people want some more! Isn’t this amazing?!

There are many such products which will tempt you to cook more than you do until now, at Urban Snackers.

We also deliver you with quality products, so you never have issues with broken cutlery and sets. It’s just annoying and we understand.

Hope you try out these 3 accessories to help you cook more and better every day!

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